a coin is tossed 72 times whats the standard deviation for the number of heads that will be tossed?

Answer 1

n = 72
p = 1/2 = q

mean = np
gap = npq = 18

standard deviation = √(variance) = 3√2

answer 2

Joe is correct in his calculations, but you don’t know the actual std development because you don’t have the actual results. You almost never get a perfect distribution, even with a binary choice, so the observed standard deviation will be different than expected.

answer 3

2 results: binomial distribution

waiting for this is np
n = 72, p = 0.5 for a fair coin


the variance is np(1-p) = 72*0.5*(1 – 0.5) = 36*0.5 = 18

and that’s all i have lol. wiki won’t tell me st. developer or the formula to get it, and I can’t remember a discrete distribution how to do it. is some kind of sum, if you have formulas in your book, you can get it

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