6males can eliminate alcohol from their bodies faster than women due to having higher amounts of

answer 3

Males have more metabolism.

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Dehydrogenase enzyme. Explanation: Men can eliminate alcohol faster than women thanks to the enzyme dehydrogenase. Women have the ability to absorb more alcohol because they have little or no DHA in their liver and stomach, so they do not easily eliminate alcohol from the body. It is the opposite in the case of men, because they have ADH in the stomach and liver, which does not allow alcohol to be absorbed into the blood. Thus, it is eliminated from the body more easily in men.

Answer 1

The answer is the enzyme dehydrogenase. The ability to metabolize alcohol in men and women is different. This difference is due to the difference in quantity and activity of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH). The ADH enzyme metabolizes alcohol.
The stomach and liver of males have very active ADH. The presence of ADH in the stomach of men can reduce alcohol absorption by 30% compared to women. Females have almost no ADH in the stomach, and in the liver ADH is less active. As a result, women absorb more alcohol into their bloodstream. Therefore, men can eliminate alcohol faster than women.

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